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    • From Garage to Global

      4Di Capital invests from the earliest seed stage. Two guys, a garage and a prototype? No problem....

    • Nurture Capital

      It’s not just about the money. Business advice, mentoring & experience are core to what we offer.

    • International Networks

      We are connected to a network of advisers, strategic partners, domain experts, investors & more.

    • BetTech

      BetTech develops a consumer friendly mobile and web sports betting platform for the online book-making industry.

    • Bloodhound

      Bloodhound is the leading real-time Workforce Management Service Provider in South Africa and on the African continent.

    • Motribe

      Motribe’s cloud platform offers easy drag-and-drop creation of socialised mobile publishing and communities online for any handset.

    • HealthQ

      HealthQ, a biotech research company, is testing and industrialising a ground breaking wearable human metabolic sensor and dashboard, called LifeQ.